The Rollercoaster is climbing again…

Mr Officer and I have a date tonight. Well, actually, I’m just going around his for movies, talking and plenty of kisses but I don’t care what we do, I’m just happy that I get to see him 🙂

Ever since I asked him where I stood last Wednesday he has been texting me every day. He sent me a few texts on Thursday but then stopped again (and I was still fine), we picked up the conversation again Friday lunch time when he text me and I ended the conversation but then he text again 3 hours later and we spent 2.5 hours texting each other when I was out with the girls from work (I get chatty and flirty when I’m tipsy) lol. We text eachother Saurday once but then last night I heard from him again asking when he could see me so I get to see him tonight – I’m so excited! Consequently my day at work is dragging :p Watch this space!

My weekend was really nice. As I said above, I went out with some of the girls from work for our Christmas ‘do’ on Friday night and we all had a right giggle! The food was lovely (Indian) and we went for a couple of drinks afterwards so it was something different.

Saturday was spent doing the usual food shopping etc but in the evening I volunteered again with the kids so spent a couple of hours working with them in the gym. I also got talking to a couple of the other workers more in depth (both of them good looking I might add – I’m keeping my options open lol) about volunteering etc and it turns out they were really impressed with me. One of the guys is studying Youth Work at college and the other works with the kids full time; they couldn’t get over that I work full time and volunteer so much when I don’t plan on it being my career. They were subtly impressed and I felt pretty chuffed with myself too 🙂

Sunday mum and I went for some last-minute Christmas shopping and I treated us to lunch. It was a really nice day actually. It wasn’t too busy in the city and we have finally finished buying everyone’s presents. A lovely, chilled out day to be honest and I finished the evening by watching Home Alone and replying to Mr Officer again. Ugh, so excited I can barely contain myself. Let’s hope to god tonight actually happens! Fingers crossed for me?!

Oh and in travel-related news…it is officially 3 months until I venture to the other side of the world by myself for 3 months of fun, trepidation and all-out adventure! AHHHHH – can’t believe it’s come so quick…the countdown has well and truly begun people!


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  2. I hope that everything turns out the way that you want! I like the little smiley faces all over!

  3. Ah lovely. Your giddiness is downright intoxicating, my dear!

  4. Toni

    OTIN – the smiley faces will continue 🙂

    Tattytiara – I’ve calmed down now but there is still some giddiness left in me yet! lol