There was absolutely zero point in wearing clothes today…

Yes it means exactly what you think it does. Today marks New Year in Thailand meaning that the country comes to a complete stand still whilst everyone grabs the nearest water gun and begins in all our war with each other. Yes folks, Thailand reigns in it’s New Year with a national water fight. People climb on the back of pick-up trucks just to throw water over the passers-by whilst the pedestrians get their own back on the cars and the people around them. I only took a couple of photos…I was too busy stalking dry prey haha. It was one of the best New Year’s I’ve ever had…albeit, for me, it was 4 months later than usual! I tactically had my bikini on but I made the mistake of actually wearing a dress over it. I got ‘talced’ (talcum power combined with water makes lots of mess and fun in case you didn’t know) and in turn got my own back on every person I could find. How long the celebrations go on for depends on where you are. For instance, Bangkok and Chiang Mai will be a week, Patong Beach three days and Karon Beach just a day. However, I’m now in Chalong Bay so we’ll see how long theirs goes on for.

Yes, I’ve moved…again. Blink and you’ll miss me. Packed my bag in under an hour from start to finish though I really need to see if I can start unloading some of the crap. But anyway…the hotel is lovely despite the fact that I’m 10 minutes walk down a dirt track and in the middle of nowhere. However, the pool was lovely today and over-looks Chalong Bay itself so I can’t complain too much. I’m only here because the dive centre is close by…I start my lessons tomorrow. Think I’ve got five long, but interesting, days ahead of me.

Oh I almost forgot – managed to get all of 29 photos of Hong Kong uploaded to Flickr last night if you want to take a look though be warned…most are of Sheepy and Duke 🙂

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  1. Jamie T

    Beaches and NY sounds awesome!

    Love water fights but would a bit cold for our NYE 😛

    Glad you’re sounding happy and am looking forward to your diving stories – got an underwater cam? 🙂

    J. x

  2. hehe Songkran is really fun!!!

  3. Dave Brooks

    I have read a lot of crap on the intenet but this blog of your journey really stands out. It is an excellent piece of writing that makes me feel as if I am there experiencing it with you (I know I can hear, ‘thank God your not’). Keep up the entertaining style, you may have found a new career.

  4. Wow, crazy waterfight madness. I’m honestly not sure if I’d enjoy that…

  5. Hi Uncle! What a nice surprise. Glad you’re enjoying my journey and that you like the way I write…much appreciated 🙂 And if you’re reading a lot of crap online…stop reading. Thus endith the lesson! haha

  6. Rachel – the water fight was fine for about an hour but then it got a little much and a little boring if you know what I mean hehe