Warning! Spoilers! If you don’t want to know my life-changing decisions, look away…

Apologies for not updating in nearly three weeks but I’ve lost the motivation to write since I’ve returned from my travels and pretty much lost motivation to do everything else as well.

Since returning to this hell, sorry, home, I’ve had the ‘rose tinted glasses’ (about settling for a standard life) forcibly removed and it’s given me the determination to ‘get the hell out of dodge’ as soon as possible; I’ve decided to emigrate!…to New Zealand!! But that’s not until 2012. First, in 2011, I plan to do a US road trip for a month (with a lot of luck and money) and get that out of my system before I start settling down.

And if you’re wondering ‘why New Zealand’, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve never been, it just looks amazing 🙂 On a serious note though, they’re an English-speaking country, offer 2 year work visas, are known as a ‘backpacking destination’ so there should be a lot of people my age and it’s relatively close to a lot of good dive locations (yes, I’m hopelessly addicted). I’ve checked and I’m already eligible for a visa there but I have a lot of research to do and plans to make before I can leave. Hopefully in that time I will have won a writing competition and made a lot of money (one can always dream).

To answer your next question about the US road trip (well, I hope you’re interested in it enough to ask but I’ll tell you anyway), I plan to hit:
New York City (spending my 25th birthday there like I did my 18th)
Yellowstone or Yosemite National Park
San Fransico
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
Los Angeles
Washington DC
(this is my last stop so I can break up the flight time from LA to home)

Lots to think about right? Good job I like to plan and organise things is all I can say.

Being back has given me a lot of time to think and it has dawned me on that I actually should be very proud of myself for travelling for three months solo around a continent so ‘alien’ to my own life. Jess, one of the girls I met in Bali, has 6 brothers and sisters and they all went travelling for a year before her so she had a lot of people throwing in advice and opinions etc. Me? I had no one. Not one person in my family has been backpacking, they certainly haven’t done it solo and they haven’t been to the places and did the things I did which made me realise just how much I achieved by myself. I researched it all, planned everything important (insurance etc) and accomplished so much that I had been chasing such as diving. So not only am I the only member of my family to have backpacked but I am now the only diver and I am the first person to be able to say that I have climbed a volcano. Some big achievements that I didn’t have time to realise and accept until I had returned but they’re enough to put a smile or two on my face.

I only hope that I can recreate that success and achievement with my trip to the US and my eventual emigration.

So that’s my life-altering news. I hope you stick around to watch me achieve it…right after I take my cousin and her friend to see Twilight Eclipse!

Have a good weekend everyone,

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  1. Oooh, a tour of the states sounds fun! You can stop by and visit me and BV!!

  2. Jill

    So you’ve decided on NZ. South island I hope? You can fill me in when I see you next month:-)
    If I see any writing or photo (yours are amazing!) competitions, I’ll pass them on! xxx

  3. I think you will love your USA cross country tour! I did it a hundred years ago and still have vivid memories. I saw all of the above list except Yellowstone and Wash DC back then. (LOVED Yosemite and have been back several times.) I’ve lived in NY, SF and now LA and visited Vegas numerous times. If you have time Seattle is great so is Miami and Chicago (depending on the time of year).

    I love your sense of adventure Toni!!!! Let me know your LA plans. We can “do lunch” as they say here 🙂

    xo jj

  4. Big decisions!!

    We’re planning a trip to NZ some time this winter (their summer) … I’ve never been before but my husband has, and he loves it.

    Your road trip sounds fab, too 🙂