What do you say…

…when you have no words to speak.  When you have nothing to imitate a tap dance with jazz hands for your captive audience?  You write a letter. And today I’m writing to someone very special;

Dear Earth,

You are an inspiration!  When home looks like this…

and away looks like this…

no words need to be said to describe your beauty. I made a promise to you last year; that I would explore anything and everything that you’re willing to show me. Whether it’s the simple ladybug travelling through my back garden or the rainbow of coloured coral in the Andaman Sea that I was willing to see it and you haven’t disappointed.

As long as you have beauty I will continue to find it and appreciate it. You aren’t deserving of a round of applause, you are deserving of exploration and the realisation that despite the horrors in the world you are a most wondrous thing to behold.

Happy Earth Day!

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