When it’s sunny at home, I miss home

I have a confession to make. The mainland is not my home; Jersey in the Channel Islands (between England and France) is my home, the place that will always have my heart. I left the island when I was four when my parents divorced but went back 2/3/4 times a year to see my father until I was about 16 years old.

He lived next to an old railway track which was converted to a walkway and I spent many hours jumping on my bike with nothing but my helmet and a bottle of water to sit and stare at Corbiere Lighthouse. It was my zen place despite being so young.

This is the ‘Helping Hand’ statue (the lighthouse itself is out of shot to the left) signalling a boat which had run aground but had all its crew rescued.

So when it’s sunny at home in England, I think of my real home.

How about you? Is home when you currently are or does your heart belong to somewhere else?

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  1. This is sweet. I just discovered you blog and I’m loving it. I’m afraid that at the moment I’m missing Australia. I’ve just got home to the UK and something about the grey sky, grey tarmac, grey faces is making me wish I was back in Oz. But I love the UK more than anywhere while it is sunny. If only we could bring ozzie weather over here…
    I’d love to visit Jersey, you make it sound idyllic!

  2. Monica, I’m totally with you on the post-travel blues…I came back when it was sunny but the second it went grey, so did my mood lol. Only just out of it really at Christmas time and that’s only because I have my next trip to think of =) I’ll be posting more pics of Jersey and doing on a post on it…you’ll love it. In the sun, just like here in Devon, you really could be anywhere in the world =)