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Who am I?

Part of me wants to tell you everything and another wants to let you discover it for yourself.

I started this website as a personal diary for my friends and family so that they knew I was safe and happy in my three months solo around Asia in 2010. I may have been safe but due to 10 years, by the age of 23, of depression I was anything but happy. I was full of heartbreak, anxieties and fear that I couldn’t and didn’t know how to travel alone but travel alone for three months is exactly what I did.

IMG_2333I had some of the most incredible times of my life, both good and bad and whilst I can’t, hand on heart, say that I look back on Asia with fond memories, I do know that it changed me in unrecognisable ways. Not least because it introduced me to the world of diving which affected me on an extremely emotional level.

Within weeks of returning home to the UK, it also lead me to the realisation that I could do nothing but try and travel for the rest of my life and before I knew it I had booked a 7 week overland tour through sub-Sahara Africa. To say that those 7 weeks changed my life would be an understatement of the most epic proportions. Not only did I discover how much nature and its inhabitants affect my soul but I achieved what many backpackers set out to do; I found myself. I finally found peace, accepting that I had depression but that despite all the struggles and painful times I had been through because of it, I was (and am) happy with the person I have become.

And after two years of sorting out my finances and saving, I am now in the land of Australia living and working determined to find my happiness in whatever form it may come in.

This isn’t a travel or personal blog, it’s just a place that I like to write. Occasionally I write rants, sometimes I write extremely personal pieces and other times I simply share my travel stories but all are written with passion, emotion and deep thought.

If you’re wondering why my site is called ‘Reclaiming My Future’, I wanted a name that reflected both my present and future journey so chose ‘reclaiming my future’ because I had lost so much of my past to depression that I wanted to take back control of my life and make my dreams come true. I don’t always feel in control and I’m still working on my dreams but I’m trying; that’s all I can ever truly ask of myself.

So who am I really?
I’m just a girl. A girl determined to change her ordinary to the extraordinary by facing her demons and living life to the full.

If you’d like to read more of my inspirational and personal writing, I have another website called Reclaiming Your Future.Why the name? Because life doesn’t hold much value if you can’t help others; if I’m trying to help myself reclaim my future, I want to be able to try and help you reclaim yours!