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People I read…

I know I’m awesome *ahem* but here’s the other people you need to cyber-stalk for 20-something travel, solo backpacking and general awesomeness…

Travel bloggers

Confused Julia – Julia is ‘homeless and confused’ because she’s a 20-something woman who’s just sold her house, moved back in with her parents (poor thing) and is preparing for her round the world adventure in 2012.

Wanderlust Project – Follow one of my favourite girlies Sheryll as she blogs about her ridiculously nice boyfriend, life and coping with her quarterlife crisis! Kezisms – Kerri’s a Scottish gal through and through who hates the bad weather and wants to get out into the world including NZ in 2012.

On my feet or in my mind - Erik blogs about his trips throughout the world particularly North America showing off his amazing photos.

Backpacker Banter – Chris runs a blog talking about surfing, hostel reviews and life on the Australian and (soon to be) New Zealand roads.

NeFootsteps – Lauren is a 20-something who headed out into the ‘big bad world’ in July 2011 but she can tackle anything, she just got a 2:1 in Physics!

Aussie on the Road - Chris blogs about beer, girls and travel (in that order) haha.  He also does a great ‘Recommended Reads’ section each week with a great round up of the past week’s blogs from around the travel community!

Scarlett Wonderland - Jen is a great 20-something girl blogging about travel, all things Disney and lots of sexy stuff too!

Flip Nomad – Flip is a travelling Filipino who has the determination to get out and see the world whilst letting the world know just how cool the Philippines are. Here’s the first place you should go on information about the Philippines.

Travels with a Nine Year Old – In 2009 mum took herself and her 9 year old son out of the norm and decided to travel the world. They’ve been bumming around Asia for a while doing everything from diving to climbing mountains!

The Travel Hack - Monica is a trainee journalist blogging about 20s travel and she’s just started working for Gap Daemon so she’s got the inside scoop on lots of things going on around the web!

Don’t Ever Look Back - Kieron and Amy are two 20-something Aussies preparing for their round the world trip beginning in July 2011. Read their blog; they won’t disappoint you.

The Mellyboo Project – A Canadian currently living in New Zealand but totally in love with Africa like me – you won’t be disappointed reading her blog!

Fearful Girl – Torre is a traveller full of phobias (seriously, she vomits them) but she’s determined to keep living the life and making us laugh in the process!

LatinAbroad - Maria is a bubbly girl who loves to travel and her excitement comes through in her photos!  A great girl!

Dangerous Business -Amanda runs a great blog with lots of photos and a good ‘random traveller’ section where she interviews other bloggers.

Backpacks and Bunkbeds – Neil works 9-5 but travels around Europe when he can and talks about his other adventures around the world!

Etramping - Pack light, travel far, and live long describes the lifestyle of Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog!

No Place to Be – Poi and Kirsty are a couple currently living and teaching in the North of Thailand – they also talk about assholes…literally!

BA Backpacker – Jamie is currently on the road and enjoying his late nights out and the boy he fell in love with whilst travelling the world – both a funny and emotional read!

Stop having a boring life Rob’s been traveling the world for nearly 4 years after deciding the 9-5 wasn’t the life for him.

TopSpotTravel - Jeremy runs a great blog that has advice from budget travel to luxury adventure with some great photos in between.

Isabelles Travel Guide - Isabelle blogs about her travels making sure she posts her amazing photos too…a pleasure to read and she’s a lovely woman!

Chickybus - Lisa is a woman who just loves to travel and she has a great sense of humour to go with her writing!  A must if you want to giggle!

MyBeautiful Adventures - Andi is beautiful inside and out; she married The One and she photographs her enviously classy travels.

Hometown Travel Guides - Check out this site for helpful travel guides written about international destinations. They’re all written by locals as well.

Leahs Travels - Written by a gorgeous lady named Leah you can’t help but fall in love with her writing, photos and ‘trouble’ she manages to get herself into.

Nomadic Samuel - Sam’s been all over the place and worked as everything from an ESL teacher to a model; you’ll find great hints and tips here!

World First Travel Insurance Blog - Yes they’re travel insurance specialists but I love their blog – they have a great round-ups of good blog posts around the Web and they’re funny too!

Travel Gods

YTravel Blog – Caz and Craig’s place is my favourite read as they’ve been a travelling couple for fourteen years both together and as solo backpackers. They also have a young daughter Kalyra (named after a vineyard no less) and have just added to their family with another daughter – Savannah! Totally inspirational!

Travel Dudes – A resources website written by travellers for travellers….it has everything from photos to tips on what to pack.  A must check before you leave for your big adventure!

Apologies but I don’t do link exchanges – I like to be able to present blogs that I genuinely enjoy and want to tell others about without the bias of doing it just for the sake of exchange.  Thanks! =)