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Win a 2 night stay in Saint James backpacker hostel London!

26 Aug Posted by in Travel | 11 comments
Win a 2 night stay in Saint James backpacker hostel London!

Recently I found (and fell in love with) a new hostel in London called Saint James Backpacker Hostel and I (reluctantly – I’d rather keep it all to myself) wanted to let you discover how amazing it is yourself by offering you 2 free nights in a private room with a double bed!  For a hostel, it doesn’t get much better than that right?!

Saint James Backpacker Hostel is located 5 minutes from Earl’s Court tube station, is newly refurbished and has a great atmosphere so I wanted to give you the chance to experience it for yourselves.

You can read all about my stay in my review:

Luxury for less in the city of London.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 13.38.59



The competition itself is open to anyone and everyone regardless of whether or not you have a blog or what country you come from and the best part of the competition is that you can claim it for a weekend or even over the Christmas period!

So here’s how you get the chance to win:

1.       Head over to the Reclaiming My Future facebook page and give it a like.
2.      Come back to this post and leave a comment to share your BEST hostel story whether it’s finding love with someone you met there or the time you got revenge on a dorm snorer.
3.      That’s it!

Good luck everyone! :) 


-Competition closes 1st October 2013.
-The prize must be claimed and used before 31st January 2014.
-Each participant MUST have a valid email address.
-Each comment will be assigned a number which will be picked at random and the winner will be announced on the Reclaiming My Future facebook page.

  1. Priya08-26-13

    Ohh, this sounds amazing! Looks like you had a great time! I’m not actually entering the contest ( since I don’t think I can afford to fly out to London by Dec!Or maybe I can?) but I’ll tell you about my recent hostel experience in Seattle. I fell in love with the hostel I stayed in. There was awesome artwork on the wall, a movie theater in the basement, and walking distance to everything! Free breakfast, wifi and the people were really nice. I loved my roommates too!
    Priya recently posted..Legends Of The Summer (AKA My Secret Love For Boy Bands Which Is Not So Secret)

  2. Jeska08-28-13

    Left you some like love but sadly I don’t have any awesome hostel stories! Maybe this giveaway could be one?! lol
    Jeska recently posted..Travel Tuesday

  3. Scarlett08-28-13

    This is awesome! My story is from when I stayed in Rome… it was a surprise for my Boyfriend’s 21st… but before we left for the airport I forgot to look up the address of the hotel. Cue two hours trying to find an internet cafe we could look it up in. ALSO we slept in when we were meant to leave, giving ourselves LITERALLY 12 minutes to pack and be out of the door to catch our plane! x
    Scarlett recently posted..The time my Dad ran over my Mum when she had her pants down…

  4. Matthew Riter08-29-13

    My favorite hostel was a small 2 bedroom with bunk beds in Belgrade, Serbia. The experience of meeting friends from around the world, and touring the fortress, getting stuck in a rainstorm, listening to a group of South African kids singing and dancing under protection from the elements, all made for a memorable hostel night…

  5. Arianwen08-29-13

    Looks very nice! I will be unlikely to ever require a hostel in London, but I’ll tell friends about it if they’re looking for somewhere :)
    Arianwen recently posted..A Scenic Journey with KiwiRail

  6. Jamie08-30-13

    Ooh, it is quite cool. I’ll be honest, I want to win this in behalf of a couple of friends who live in the UK and deserve a nice little london break. My best story of staying in a hostel happened in Belgium a few years ago. night one in brussels: wake up sleep-talking to the strangers bunking just below me. night two in bruges: have a dream about finding my way back to my room. wake up standing on a cold tile floor outside, having sleepwalked. night three in bruges. at 4am drunk tourists stumble into room. someone pokes my knee, says ‘hey someone’s in my bed, aah! it’s a girl’ and then thankfully leaves it at that…
    Jamie recently posted..well-being for nomads

  7. Beverley | Pack Your Passport09-12-13

    Already like your facebook page hun! My best hostel story comes from when I stayed at Ponsonby Backpackers in Auckland. When I first arrived I didn’t like Auckland at all and, in the first month of staying in the hostel, my boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me – brilliant start! BUT, I also managed to meet a huge group of amazing people in that hostel, some of which I ended up living with when I found an apartment in the city. It felt amazing to get an awesome group of friends out of a crappy situation and the friendship group continued when we moved out of the hostel too :)
    Beverley | Pack Your Passport recently posted..Sightseeing from the Sky – A Helicopter Tour of London

  8. D. Liu09-27-13

    My best hostel story has to be when I went to Paris and this wonderful hostel randomly fell into my lap.

    The story starts off like this…

    My birthday was right around the corner and I wasn’t going to do anything special but since it was quite a milestone year for me I decided last minute to go somewhere special. I decided on Paris as it was easily drivable to where I live and Paris is indeed a very special place :) I was really excited and let all my friends know however due to their schedules/my last minute planning none of them could come except for one friend who I mentioned my disappointment to and to my surprise he said, “well, why don’t I take you”. It was really last minute and we didn’t have a place to stay but he was determined to take me for my special day. The next day we drove down to Paris and entered the city of love. I could feel the magic in the air and it was enchanting. My suggestion was to drive to the main train station in Paris and and look for a tourist centre that could possibly help us find accommodation. I knew from previous trips where I wanted to stay (Marais) but they could only help with finding ones in other areas which wasn’t too appealing. We were running out of ideas until a bright idea came to mind. I went to the kiosk inside the train station and bought a Timeout Magazine to look for tips on Paris but more importantly accommodation suggestions. There wasn’t a lot to choose from in the guide in the Marais quarter but we tried our luck anyways. First one we called, sold-out. Second one, same answer. We called the last one in the guide and luck was on our side. They had availability but we had to switch to the sister hotel around the corner the next night which wasn’t a problem. We arrive at the hostel (MIJE for those interested) and to our surprise it was more than we expected. The interior of the hostel resembled an old, rustic French cottage. The rooms were fairly large for a hostel and clean! We booked a twin room and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Once we dropped our bags we explored the city, went to the Eiffel Tower, did the typical touristy things, and had an amazing time. I remember thinking to myself that night as I was drifting to sleep in the hostel, this guy truly is wonderful for taking me here. Could this be something more?

    The next morning breakfast was served in the canteen and again to our surprise it was actually very good. The breakfast consisted of half a French banquette, a sweet danish, orange juice, cup of coffee, yoghurt, and a bowl of cereal. Not bad for someone who wasn’t expecting much! We knew we had to check-out and move to the sister hotel around the corner that morning so we did. The other hostel was even better! They didn’t have a twin room so they gave us a triple and assured us that no one else would be sharing with us, thank god! After dropping off our bags we soon left to explore. Again we experience yet another wonderful and romantic day getting to know each other more as we strolled around the narrow streets of Paris.

    The next day was check-out day and again we had the same breakfast as the previous day – simple yet filling and all the coffee you can drink! We checked-out and bid farewell to MIJE hostel thanked them for the warm hospitality. We both had big fat smile on our faces as we drove home having experience a birthday we would never forget.

    Fast forward a couple of years, I am now married to this guy that took me to Paris spontaneously that one year and for the last few birthdays we’ve gone back to Paris and stayed in the exact hostel. It’s strange how at home we feel in the hostel. This is why this is the best hostel I have ever stayed in – the place where I first fell in love with my partner <3

  9. Toni10-08-13

    Jeska – Thanks for the ‘like love’ anyway :)

  10. Kathryn Dilligard03-23-14

    I certainly wouldn’t mind staying in that hostel.
    Kathryn Dilligard recently

  11. Toni03-23-14

    Kathryn – you could go; it’s a great little place :)

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