Yay the good days are back…

So after my dire two days of travelling and introduction to Samui, I can finally say that things are back on track…

Below is the ‘infamous’ Chaweng Beach though I think it’s stunning don’t you?! You’re right; it’s gorgeous and yes, you should be jealous. I’m staying on the main, beach road which is god awful for noise but the room I have is £12 a night, has air-con, a shower and two double beds; I can’t complain.

Needless to say that yesterday, to cheer myself up, I spent all day on the beach just relaxing with my book and people-watching. Bliss.

In the evening I decided to check out the Reggar Bar (didn’t make it the night before as I fell asleep) and it was HUGE! Not to mention the fact that it looked like something Disney would create in one of their parks or themed hotels! Amazing stuff. It was quiet when I got there at 10.30pm but after five minutes, two English guys called Rory and Lewis asked me to join them. We sang along with the band to Bob Marley, danced and drank the night away. Our drinks were a delicious combination of Coke, Red Bull and Sangsom which is 80% rum – went down like a treat. Next thing I know it’s 5am and the lads are walking me back. Rory wanted a private party but I was so tired I could barely walk…in a very feministic way it was a good feeling to turn a guy down :p We said we’d all keep in touch though and they’ll give me an e-mail the next time they’re in my home town (which they think is beautiful!).

The other reason I couldn’t be bothered with the private party was because I had to be up at 6.30am as I was getting picked up at 7 for a day of sea kayaking around the Angthong National Marine Park which was a little bit expensive but worth it. I couldn’t believe I had only 90 minutes of sleep lol But anyway, I was partnered with someone in the morning for my kayak though I spent most of my day talking to a young British and a 30-something Australian/Norweigan couple which was nice. Below is a photo of what we saw and did on our kayaking – we definitely worked hard and there were a couple of drives through small tunnels which were dubious but fun.

And when we weren’t kayaking we were jumping off the top deck of the boat just for laughs – great stuff although I lost my bikini top a couple of times – eek!

And the ‘big green’ that you see above is a huge sea-connected lake full of limestone water (what makes it turquoise green) but let me tell you, I worked my ass off to take that photo! Essentially you climb a sheer rock face for 10 minutes to get to the top on dodgy bits of wood and the occasional man-made rock but there were times (especially when coming back down) where you really worried about your safety. It looked like a cross between ladders that some swash-buckling pirates had created and a treehouse a child had constructed in honour of Robinson Crusoe haha. Great adventure though.

My ‘partner’ had deserted me in the afternoon so I kayaked alone and my god was I getting tired towards the end! Everyone else around me was taking it easy but I was having to fight currents by myself…well worth it though.

And how did my evening end? Well, the older of the two couples I talked to during the day invited me and the young couple back to their villa for some chat and Moet champagne which was a lovely way to end the day! Though I am absolutely shattered and dinner consisted of a bag of crisps and drink form the 7/11 store because I was too tired to go out again.

Man I’m glad my only chore tomorrow is deciding where to lay my towel on the beach and how long I want to stay there for :p


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  1. jen

    Hey Toni,

    It’s great to see you’re having a fabulous time! Keep the stories coming miss! xx

  2. Hey Toni, I’ve been out of town and just caught up on your travels. I love living vicariously through your adventures 🙂 I’m jealous of all the amazing stuff you’re doing and wish I was on that gorgeous beach too. It looks like paradise.

    Keep having fun.
    xo jj